Mohammed's Birth: Mohammed Salla Allahoo Alay'He Wa Sal'Lam (SAW=May Allah's Prayers & Greetings be upon him) is the son of Abdullah Ibn (= son of) 'Abd Al-Muttalib and Amina Bint (= daughter of) Wahb. He was born the year of the Elephant (when Mecca was invaded by the Ethiopean ruler, Abraha, who used elephants in the front of his army). This is estimated to be the year 670 AD.

Mohammed's Childhood: Mohammed (SAW) was born after the death of his dad. So, his grandfather, his mother, and his lactating mother took care of him during the early stages of his childhood. And after the death of his mother and grandfather, his uncle Abu Taalib (Ali's dad) took care of him until he reached adulthood.

Mohammed's Adulthood & Prophethood: At the age of 25, Mohammed (SAW) married Khadija who was 40 years old at the time. He was taking care of her commerce affairs at the time. During this period, he established himself as a trustworthy and kind person. He did not engage in many of his people's customs and idol worshipping, he even started contemplating the true nature of God and spent considerable amount of time meditating in a cave known as Ghar Hira. When he reached the age of 40, and in one fateful day, the Archangel Gabriel descended upon him to inform him that he was selected as a messenger to all mankind. From that point on and for 23 consecutive years, Mohammed (SAW) wasted no time, energy, or effort to deliver the message Allah (SWT) to all mankind.

Author: Taoufik Nadji

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