Filou's Star!
In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind.
Filou's Star!

Here find the far flung felicitous

FILOU (121K)

featuring festschrift and festoonery.

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Filou's Star!
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Filou frequently frolics in the farkleberries, a fulgurus fellow, fashioning a fearless flamboyance; forcing familiar faces to be fully flabbergasted!

Your Mare!
Throbbing Heart!+Throbbing Heart!
My Stallion!

Fancy your flawless foal flourishing to fruition and faring first in the futurity, over fences, or fox hunting in the field...

Filou's felicific foals fashion a flawless fantasia for fanatic friends!

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Fanfarous farewell from Filou!

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