Gut en Tag to Trakehner enthusiasts! I am so delighted to make your acquaintance. My registered name is Filou and I was foaled in 1973. I am one of the original Foundation sires of the AmericanTrakehner Association, as was my sire, Antares. I am 16.2 hands tall and am dark brown which means that I really look black unless you get me out in the bright sunlight...then I'm brown! As you my have already seen I am also decorated with white in the appropriate places. I love carrots, apples and rolling in the mud (its good for your skin, you know).

I have lived as far north as Canada and as far south as South Carolina...I'll have to write a book of my escapades one of these days. I'm a great-grandfather now and so have limited my show season to a small number of stallion exhibitions.

If you're dying to read more about me, following are some remarks from friends and letters from fans:

*Note: It has been brought to my attention that some of the following stories/letters are ficticious. Perhaps Filou has followed his friend, Clyde Big Paws, and is e-mailing false submissions on his own and signing the names of others. In any case, as Filou's owner, I accept no responsibility nor do I claim any of the following items to be true (although some of them are)!

  • From Filou's Owner
  • "Life With Filou" by his brother Bob
  • "Filou's Life" by his sister Bobette
  • The Great American Pie
  • Filou is forming a festschrift forum from friends/fans e-mail.

    Accepting fabliau, fables, and fait accompli to fascinate future followers.